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Is there Al-Anon for Drug Addiction?

Is there Al-Anon for Drug Addiction?

If you have a family member getting help for alcoholism, or someone struggling with both alcohol and drug addiction, you can help their chances of success by utilizing Al-Anon. 


What is Al-Anon?


Al-anon, or Alcoholics Anonymous, sometimes called AA, is a program designed to be mutually supportive for people who have been affected by alcohol or people whose lives have been affected by the alcohol abuse of a family member or friend. Al-Anon helps facilitate positive changes to individual situations even amongst family members and friends of someone who refuses to get help for alcoholism or even acknowledge that they have a problem.


What Role Does Al-Anon Play in Addiction Treatment?


AL-Anon knows that there is no single program or one-size-fits-all treatment for addiction. Alcoholism is very complex. It can exist in conjunction with other substances or underlying mental health problems. Alcoholics Anonymous can help people who struggle with alcohol addiction or have been affected by it learn coping mechanisms.


Addiction doesn’t just hurt the addict. It hurts everyone around them. Someone struggling with addiction might isolate themselves from their family or take advantage of their family. Family members might notice behavioral changes and suffer in their multiple attempts to get help for their loved ones.


Addiction doesn’t happen all at once, and neither does recovery. That is why Alcoholics Anonymous focuses on one day at a time, taking things one day or one step at a time to address more complex problems. When an individual goes into a recovery program or seeks alcohol treatment, their chances of successful rehab are much higher if they have support from friends and family.


Alcoholics Anonymous provides a place for family members and friends to meet and hear people explain how the program worked for them or help them deal with a family member or spouse addicted to alcohol. It’s a place where individuals can learn how their behaviors might have made certain situations worse and healthier options when responding to challenges.


Friends and family of someone entering an inpatient rehab program for alcohol can not only help themselves better understand and cope with that alcoholism but lend a supportive environment to their friend or family member during their long road to recovery.


Is there Al-Anon for Drug Addiction?


Al-Anon primarily focuses on those who are addicted to alcohol. An alternative specifically for drug addiction is nar-anon. That said, al-anon for drug addiction can play a significant role in recovery for those who have more than one addiction. 


It is quite common for people to struggle with more than one substance, especially when the first substance to which they are addicted runs out or can’t be found. Someone who is jonesing for a hit might settle for a bottle in the middle of the night. This can lead to multiple types of addiction, which can be successfully treated with al-anon. You can find al-anon for drug addiction no matter where you live. 


For those whose families have been affected by drug or alcohol abuse, there are groups meetings for families of drug addicts. This family support for drug addiction can help families and friends better understand the way in which addiction changes the brain, why an addicted member of the family might have shut them out, and how to better facilitate communication and support during the recovery process. 


How to Find Group Meetings and Support Groups


You can find al-anon for drug addiction as well as family support for drug addiction and groups meetings for families of drug addicts with help from Dallas Detox Center. As a reputable drug and alcohol treatment center, our focus relies on evidence-based practice and lifetime aftercare not just for our patients but for their families. 


To that end, we offer drug and alcohol detox programs as well as residential inpatient programs to lay the foundation for long-term recovery. But after that, we recognize the importance of evidence-based practice in overcoming addiction, specifically al-anon. That is why we help find the groups meetings for families of drug addicts while a family member undergoes inpatient or residential alcohol and drug detox. After the initial detox and inpatient programs, we help families locate family support for drug addiction. Patients find al-anon for drug addiction to give ample opportunities for long-term recovery.


At Dallas Detox, we appreciate that addiction is a mental disorder, but substance addiction can hurt the addict and their families. That is why our state-of-the-art detox program is here to help you find the meetings you need for long-term sobriety.

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