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Teen & Young Adult Treatment

Young Adults

Receive specialized, young adult addiction treatment
in Texas.

Teen & Young Adult Treatment

Young Adults

Receive specialized, young adult addiction treatment
in Texas.

Young Adults Rehab

How Does Addiction Impact Young Adults?

Young Adults Rehab

How Does Addiction Impact Young Adults?

Young adults who abuse alcohol and drugs are more likely to develop an addiction later in life. Studies indicate that the younger someone is when they first start using drugs or alcohol, the more likely they are to develop a substance use disorder later in life. Additionally, they are at an increased risk for permanent physical effects, including brain damage from chronic substance use. Drug abuse among young adults can result in severe mental health concerns or permanent, irreversible damage to the brain or nervous system. 

  • Brain damage among youth who abuse drugs includes:
  • Learning impairments
  • Problems with memory
  • Brain shrinkage
  • Impaired reasoning ability, perception, and intuition
  • Changes in social habits and abilities

This damage to the brain can affect short- and long-term memory, leading to academic problems and memory issues later in life. 

Young adults who turn to drugs and alcohol often experience a range of problems stemming from addiction, some of which are lifelong. Addiction affects their physical and mental health, academic success, employment, and ability to forge and maintain peer relationships. There are also effects on their family and loved ones and an increased rate of involvement with the legal system. If you are looking for drug addiction treatment for young adults in Texas, Dallas Detox Center may be able to help.

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Know What to Look For

What Drugs Are Most Commonly Abused by Young Adults?

Know What to Look For

What Drugs Are Most Commonly Abused by Young Adults?Are There Men's Only Detox Programs?

Early adulthood is a time of learning, growth, and exploration. However, it is also a time of challenge as many young adults set off to build a life and future outside of the influence of adults who have provided support for many years. Unfortunately, for some young adults, this part of life leads to curiosity and experimentation that has fewer consequences than it used to.  

The rates of drug and alcohol abuse on college campuses and by young adults outside of college have more than tripled for some substances. Recent data show as many as 49% of full-time college students abuse drugs (both prescription and illicit) or abuse alcohol. Although young adults frequently use several drugs, some are more prevalent than others. 



Recent statistics show that 10% (or more) of young adults and college students between ages 18 and 22 drank alcohol for the first time last year. Alcohol is the number one abused drug on college campuses nationwide. Binge drinking among young adults has also become problematic, occurring at sporting events, celebrations, and as part of hazing incidents. Binge drinking is extremely dangerous and can cause alcohol poisoning, coma, and death. 


Data from the Substance and Mental Health Services Administration indicates up to 50% of college students have tried marijuana at least once. Young adults, including college students, often use marijuana to relax or “fit in” at campus parties and events. Unlike several other drugs commonly used by young adults, it is not possible to overdose on marijuana. However, that does not mean abuse of marijuana is not without risk. 

Prescription Pills

A recent study suggests more than 60% of young adults with a valid prescription for medication to manage attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms were sharing it with others who did not have a prescription. Adderall and Ritalin, two common ADHD medications, are widely abused by young adults nationwide due to their energizing effects. Many people who do not have a prescription for these drugs will purchase them from others because they believe taking Adderall or Ritalin will improve their focus and enhance their energy, thereby improving their study and other capabilities. 


Ecstasy has long been known as a “club drug.” Popular at raves and other “all-night” parties, rates of overdose related to ecstasy abuse have risen by more than 1,200% in recent years. Ecstasy produces overwhelming and powerful feelings of happiness. However, once the drug wears off, the feelings of depression are also abnormally powerful. This leads the user to take more of the drug to return to their state of happiness again. This cycle is what leads to substance dependency. Ecstasy use also entirely eliminates the body of natural “feel good” chemicals leading to unmanageable feelings of depression in the days following use. In some cases, this can lead to self-harming behaviors. 


A recent study on cocaine use in college students showed that approximately 70% of users first used cocaine after starting college. Between year one and year four of their academic careers, the lifetime prevalence of cocaine addiction more than tripled from 4% in year one to 13% in year four. One in every four young adults who experiment with cocaine will become addicted. 

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Young Adult Treatment Program

What Does a Young Adult Rehab Program Entail?

Young Adult Treatment Program

What Does a Young Adult Rehab Program Entail?

Studies indicate that early addiction treatment (for patients of all ages) dramatically increases your likelihood of overcoming addiction and maintaining lasting sobriety. Unfortunately, many young adults do not seek the help they need from an inpatient drug treatment center in Dallas for young adults. For some, they do acknowledge the dangers of their relationship with drugs or alcohol. Others may feel pressure to succeed academically or in their chosen career, so they fear taking time away to get treatment. For those who do seek help, choosing a rehab for young adults may help you better achieve your treatment goals. 

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What Are the Benefits
of a Young Adult Treatment Program?

Treatment at a rehab for young adults can help you take the first steps towards overcoming your challenges with substance use disorders and mental illness. Drug and alcohol abuse among college students and other young adults is prevalent. The most significant resource for those who need help is to choose a program with other young adults. A young adult rehab program focuses on providing age-appropriate treatment for those who want to overcome addiction and address any underlying mental health challenges that may worsen their symptoms. A treatment program like this can be beneficial for several reasons. For example:

Early and effective treatment can prevent further physical and mental health challenges. Young adult treatment programs can improve the chances of future success by removing the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. It can build a strong support system of positive, like-minded peers.

It allows participation in age-appropriate therapy programs, including evidence-based and alternative treatment options. It improves feelings of safety and comfort as other program participants are from the same age group.

Young adult treatment programs provide the opportunity to develop and practice vital life skills, including independence, financial management, household management, and, if needed, essential education support.

Dallas Detox Center is
a Texas Rehab for Young Adults

If you or a loved one are addicted to drugs or alcohol, remember that you are not alone. At Dallas Detox Center, our rehab program for young adults can help you begin your journey to recovery and a future free from substance addiction. Our caring and compassionate team of treatment professionals will be here to help you through each stage of healing and recovery.

Dallas Detox Center is a top-rated luxury drug and alcohol rehab in Dallas, Texas. To learn more about our programs, contact a member of our admissions team today.