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Drug & Alcohol Addiction in Texas

Drug Rehab Center Near Waco

Drug & Alcohol Addiction in Texas

Drug Rehab Center Near Waco

Have you found yourself using drugs or alcohol more than you used to? Or finding yourself using it to avoid withdrawal symptoms and getting sick? If so, you may benefit from an addiction treatment program. Addiction is a powerful mental health concern that can either sneak up on you or develop slowly over time. An estimated 60.1% of individuals 12 and older have used substances in the past month. Some can use recreationally and in moderation, while others are unable to do the same.  

It is important to know that recovery is possible. With the right support, tools, and knowledge, you can make changes in your life that support your recovery. Addiction treatment programs can help you identify the changes you need to make in your life and support you while you make the necessary changes.  

Dallas Detox Center is a Waco drug rehab that can provide you with local housing for the duration of your treatment. Our Dallas inpatient drug rehab options include detoxification and inpatient rehab programming. To learn more about the addiction treatment options at our Waco drug rehab, call (817)904-2197 today!

We are here for you

What Are the Waco Drug Rehab Options?

We are here for you

What Are the Waco Drug Rehab Options?

Residents in Waco are fortunate to have various rehab options available to them. This includes both inpatient and outpatient treatment options, such as:

  • Detoxification
  • Inpatient rehab programming
  • Intensive outpatient programming
  • Routine outpatient treatment
  • Specialized treatment programs

When you search outside the perimeters of Waco, you will find even more treatment providers available to support you in your recovery.

If you have been looking for substance abuse treatment in Waco, Texas, we encourage you to consider Dallas Detox. Tucked away in Weatherford, TX, you will find a top-rated luxury drug and alcohol rehab in Dallas that offers holistic and individualized treatment options. To learn more about how Dallas Detox can support you in your journey, call (817)904-2197 today!

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How to Prepare

How To Find Your Waco Drug Rehab Options

How to Prepare

How To Find Your Waco Drug Rehab Options

If you have found yourself looking for addiction treatment programs near you, we commend you on your progress! Addiction is a powerful mental health concern that can have a significant impact on your life. Getting help is often the first step in a healthy and lasting recovery!

Finding a treatment program can be a challenging, and even overwhelming, experience. Getting help during this stage of your journey can take some of the burden off your shoulders, and provide you with needed support. One resource that you have is your primary care physician. Your physician can provide guidance and referrals to get you on the right track to find a treatment provider. 

Another option available to you is your insurance provider. A representative for your insurance can provide you with a list of in-network providers available to you. Additionally, they can also provide you with some insight into the details of your insurance plan that impact your financial responsibility for your different treatment options. 

If you have not found addiction treatment in Waco that fits your needs, we encourage you to look into Dallas Detox. Located in Weatherford, TX, our Waco drug rehab offers detoxification and inpatient rehab programming which are designed to be tailored to each individual we work with. To learn more about how Dallas Detox can provide you with the support and encouragement you deserve, call (817) 904-2197 today!

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What Should I Look
for Within Addition Treatment in Waco?

When you are comparing your different treatment options, the basic needs of a program should include their ability to provide you with personalized treatment that addresses your unique needs. Depending on your needs, you may need a provider who offers dual diagnosis and specialized treatment programs. Once you have an idea of providers who can provide you with the appropriate treatment and support, you can begin comparing the unique aspects of your different options. You may find yourself looking at the differences in the accommodations, as well as alternative treatment options. Examples of alternative treatment options include art therapy, yoga, and mindfulness education. Another important detail will be the location of your treatment provider. For inpatient treatment options, you often have a bit more flexibility regarding the distance the treatment center is from home because you will not be commuting daily. Some individuals feel that having some space from home in the beginning stages of their recovery enhances their treatment because they don’t have the stressors and challenges from home. Dallas Detox is the ideal luxury rehab in Weatherford, TX, that provides you with semi-private accommodations throughout your stay. Our skilled and experienced team of medical and mental health professionals will work with you to find the root of your mental health concerns and develop healthy lifestyle changes that can support you in your recovery. Call (817)904-2197 to learn more today!

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Dallas Detox is a Waco Drug Rehab Option

If you have found yourself struggling to control, limit, or stop using drugs and alcohol, you may benefit from an inpatient addiction treatment program. Addiction can be described as a chronic and progressive disease, which means that the toll your use has taken on your body and your life will continue to worsen until you can abstain from substances. 

An important detail of recovery is making healthy changes that can support your long-term goals. While it is possible for some to make little changes to their life other than not using drugs or alcohol, we encourage you to think if this would allow you to live your best life. 

For many, substances are used to cope with other concerns or stressors in their life. This can include trauma, PTSD, childhood abuse and neglect, anxiety, and depression. In this situation, your substance use is like a band-aid- a temporary solution for something that likely needs more attention. Addiction treatment programs allow you to receive the support you need for your recovery, as well as learn about what factors in your life have contributed to your addiction. 

Dallas Detox Center is a Waco drug rehab located in Weatherford, TX, that can provide you with inpatient treatment options including detoxification and inpatient rehab programming. Our adept clinicians will tailor our treatment program to address your unique needs to ensure that you receive the support you need for a healthy recovery. 

Once our staff has an understanding of your medical and mental health needs, they will talk to you about the unique services that you could benefit from. This can include dual-diagnosis treatment if you are living with other mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, and trauma-related concerns. 

Additionally, we offer specialized treatment options for men, women, young adults, professionals, college students, first responders, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

For Waco residents, choosing a substance abuse treatment program that gives you a little distance from home can help you focus on your recovery and ease some stress you have at home. We are confident that the combination of our holistic treatment program and compassionate staff can have a lasting impact on your recovery. 

If you have been struggling with drugs or alcohol, we encourage you to call Dallas Detox today. There is no need for you to walk this path alone, call (817)904-2197 today to learn more about our treatment options at our Dallas treatment center.