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Texas Addiction Treatment

Drug Rehab
Near Plano

Experience high-quality medical drug & alcohol
detox services near Plano, Texas

Drug Rehab
Near Plano

Experience high-quality medical drug & alcohol
detox services in Plano, TX

Addictions to drugs and alcohol affect the lives of more than 22 million Americans and their families each year. Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain that leads to powerful urges to seek and use drugs or alcohol despite knowing of the physical, emotional, and social harms caused by their use. 

Substance use disorders lead to medical and mental health challenges but also the loss of millions of lives each year due to overdose or other medical complications. In the last ten years, more than 500,000 Americans of all ages and demographics have died from addiction-related complications. 

Plano, TX Addiction Treatment

Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Near Plano, Texas

The city of Plano sits within two northern Texas counties. Split between Collin and Denton counties, Plano is home to almost 286,000 people. Since 1980, the population of Plano has more than tripled, with several large employers, including Capital One Finance, Bank of America home loans, Frito Lay, and Toyota Motor North America, among the top 6 leading employers in the area. The median household income in the Plano area is just over $93,000, with property values exceeding $360,000. The current poverty rate in Plano is almost 7%. 

Plano and the surrounding area experience many of the same challenges related to addiction as the state of Texas, including high levels of alcohol, methamphetamine, and opioid abuse. In previous years, struggles with heroin in Plano earned it the name “heroin town.” Since the overdose rates connected to heroin use continue to rise, unfortunately, rates of excessive drinking, overdose, and death related to drugs and alcohol remain high across Collin County. For example, in 2019, 19% of the adult population in the county reported either binge or heavy drinking. The Dallas-Fort Worth Healthcare Foundation reports indicate that between 2016 and 2018, the death rate for drug overdoses was 227 deaths per 100,000.

The ongoing opioid epidemic in America also affects the Plano and Collin County area. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows in 2018, the opioid prescribing rate was 45.5 prescriptions per 100 people. This led to 40 fatal overdoses in 2017 alone. In addition to the loss of life attributed to drug overdose, alcohol-impaired driving led to nearly 100 deaths between 2015 and 2019. Although these statistics are lower than the statewide average, they do not suggest Plano is safe from the effects of drug and alcohol addiction. 

What type of care is right for you?

What Are the Levels of Care at Our Plano, TX Drug Rehab Center?

What type of care is right for you?

What Are the Levels of Care at Our Plano, TX Drug Rehab Center?

Addiction is a disease that affects millions of people. However, no two people will have the same symptoms while using or while seeking sobriety at a rehab center near Plano, Texas. Several individual factors will directly influence what your journey to sobriety looks like. Because of the unique nature of addiction, choosing a rehab that develops its addiction treatment programs based on your individual needs rather than the substance you are looking to quit is crucial. 


This is achieved by providing a range of treatment models, including medically supported detox, evidence-based treatments, alternative (holistic) therapies, and comprehensive aftercare planning. Offering a comprehensive, whole-person treatment program allows treatment providers at the Dallas Detox Center near Plano, TX, to include various therapeutic treatment options to create the most well-rounded treatment programs possible. 


Detoxification or detox is typically a first and crucial step towards achieving lasting sobriety. If you are one of the millions of people with an addiction to a specific substance like alcohol, benzodiazepines, or opioids, detoxing in a safe and supported environment is crucial for your safety due to potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can accompany seeking recovery from these particular drugs. 


At a medically-supported detox program near Plano, medical and mental health providers provide support and care throughout the stages of detox. This may include interventions like monitoring your physical health (vital signs, etc.) and administering medications to help reduce the intensity and severity of specific withdrawal symptoms. At our Plano, Texas treatment center, caring and compassionate medical and mental health providers are here to help you manage unpleasant detox symptoms, focusing on healing from addiction rather than the challenges of withdrawal. 

Residential Inpatient Care

Although detox is essential to effective treatment, detoxing is not a substitute for therapy to understand and overcome addiction for good. The next step towards achieving sobriety is a residential (inpatient) treatment program at Dallas Detox Center. Therapy programs at our Dallas rehab utilize evidence-based treatment models, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and motivational interviewing (MI). These treatment models have proven successful in addiction therapy and dual diagnosis treatment programs. 


During therapy sessions, you are encouraged to learn and practice healthy, safer coping mechanisms. These coping mechanisms or strategies will help you manage any relapse triggers you may encounter after completing treatment. Coping skills and relapse prevention techniques learned as part of a therapy program provide you with healthier and more effective ways to manage mental and physical health symptoms and relapse triggers moving forward. 


In addition to various evidence-based therapies, our drug rehab near Plano offers several classes and programs to enhance your daily life and routine after treatment ends. As part of therapy, you may participate in wellness, communication, life skills classes, and other activities designed to reduce the chances of relapse and encourage ongoing, lasting sobriety and recovery. We also offer alternative or holistic therapies, including adventure therapy, equine therapy, wilderness therapy, art classes, and music therapy. 

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment 

At a dual diagnosis treatment program near Plano, TX, treatment programs address addiction’s physical and underlying psychological factors. It is not uncommon for someone with a substance use disorder to have a mental health condition or vice versa. In these cases, alcohol or drugs are used to self-medicate the unpleasant symptoms related to psychological or physical illness. This form of maladaptive coping often leads to chronic substance use and addiction. Without dual diagnosis treatment, one problem will remain unaddressed, and the risk of relapse increases significantly. 

Aftercare Planning

Aftercare plans are individually designed programs put into place at the end of your primary addiction treatment program. A proper aftercare plan will your ongoing support and care needs. An effective aftercare plan should provide you with the tools and guidance to navigate your daily life after completing treatment. A successful aftercare plan provides support for ongoing, long-term recovery by using a range of support services.

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The Benefits of Dallas Detox Center

Why Attend Drug Rehab Near Plano, TX

The Benefits of Dallas Detox Center

Why Attend Drug Rehab Near Plano, TX

When you attend our luxury drug rehab center in Plano, TX, our team of skilled and compassionate addiction treatment professionals will work with you to develop a treatment program focused on your unique treatment needs and goals. Our secluded ranch near Dallas offers supportive, compassionate inpatient care and medically supervised detox programs to help you overcome addiction. We understand addiction is an illness, and its symptoms are unique to the person. As a result, one-size-fits-all programs designed around the addiction rather than the person are generally ineffective for helping you achieve lasting wellness. 


We also understand that treatment needs will evolve throughout your journey to sobriety. As you take steps to overcome addiction, your treatment team will monitor your progress and adjust your plan to accommodate your changing needs. Our individualized and unique approach to addiction treatment ensures we can address each person’s treatment needs with the specific therapy models and treatment programs they need to heal and get well.

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