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Is There Addiction Rehab near Irving, Texas

Is There Addiction Rehab near Irving, Texas

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, it might be time to get help. With an addiction rehab near Irving, Texas, you can stay close to home and still enter a comprehensive Texas inpatient rehab program meticulously designed to fit your needs. 


What are the Signs of Drug Abuse?

When people use recreational drugs, over-the-counter medications, or even prescriptions, it can result in an addiction. Drug addiction can start innocuous enough, making it challenging to identify the signs. It might manifest slowly in repeated problems at work, school, or in relationships. The person using drugs might feel helpless, ashamed, or isolated. If you are worried that someone you love needs a drug addiction program, it’s essential to know the common signs of drug abuse.

The signs can be physical, behavioral, or psychological. For example:

  • Someone close to you might have sudden mood swings or angry outbursts; they could even seem spaced out, like they aren’t paying attention to anything.
  • If you notice that someone close to you seems paranoid or anxious for no reason, they might be using drugs.
  • You might notice that someone close to you regularly has bloodshot eyes or pupils that aren’t the right size.
  • Someone you love may exhibit changes in their appetite, either not eating regularly enough or eating far too much. Similarly, they might have problems sleeping, suddenly being up all night for no reason, and sleeping late into the day.
  • You might notice unusual smells coming from your loved one, either on their breath, clothing, or even the room.
  • If you notice that someone close to you has changed their friends, their hobbies, and where they hang out on a dime, it might indicate drug abuse.


How to Convince Someone to Go to Rehab

If you recognize these problems, know that there are ways for you to convince someone to go to a Texas drug or alcohol rehab program, but these things take time.

Be Patient and Supportive

Firstly, if you are trying to convince someone like a teenager, spouse, or another family member to go to rehab, you need a lot of patience. They are going to need a great deal of support. You might not realize how important it is to communicate the fact that you aren’t getting them in trouble, you don’t want to report them, and no authority figures will be involved. They need to trust that going to rehab is a safe option for them, one where they can honestly disclose their activities without fear of legal ramifications.

It’s quite common for people struggling with addiction to not see the signs in themselves, even if everyone sees them. They might not be willing right away, and if you call them out on their addiction, they might try to downplay it, not recognizing themselves if they have a problem. For that reason, you have to be patient and supportive, and you shouldn’t try to convince someone to go to rehab just once; you should try regularly.

Use Good Communication

A big part of that attempt is to use good communication and ensure that you remind your loved ones that they are loved, that you support them, and you want what’s best for them.

At this stage, you might consider involving a professional who can help you create something like an intervention: an opportunity for the entire family to sit down and explain how addiction has affected them and how to get help.

Have a Recommendation Ready

A big part of convincing someone that they need drug and alcohol rehab is to have a facility on standby. The last thing you want is to do everything within your power to convince your loved one that they need a drug addiction program, to have them agree, and then pause because you don’t know of any addiction rehab near Irving, Texas.

That is why it’s best to have a recommendation ready so that if they decide they are ready to commit to a drug and alcohol rehab program, you can help facilitate their move into the next step.


Is There Addiction Rehab near Irving, Texas

Yes, you can find a drug rehab in Texas. With addiction rehab near Irving, Texas, your loved ones can get the help they need once they recognize their addiction. At Dallas Detox, we offer drug and alcohol detox services to help you cleanse your body of any traces of drugs and alcohol. It can be potentially dangerous to try this alone, and with our facility, we offer state-of-the-art programs to help you overcome your addiction. We provide a residential inpatient program that uses intense therapy methods as well as ongoing after-care to help you continue with the treatment you need.

Let Dallas Detox help you find the right Irving, Texas rehab program for you or your loved ones.

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