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Who We Are

Ricki Cochran

Who We Are

Ricki Cochran


Ricki Cochran

What is your role at Dallas Detox Center? What does that look like day to day?

As a therapist at DDC, each day brings with it variables! While the role of a therapist simply requires the provision of individual and group therapy sessions in compliance with state and accreditation standards, it also includes providing support, encouragement, and accountability to the clients we serve. Experience has taught me that there are typical patterns in the process of recovery, but the individual experience of each client is as unique as they are and they are best served when I am able to meet them exactly where they are at the moment. So, while the daily structure of the treatment program is unchanging I find my inspiration in the variables. I am devoted to my mission of assisting clients in breaking free from the bondages of addictive behavior(s) and discovering and/or recovering and honoring their true selves. 

What is your background? Where did you go to school and what are your credentials (if applicable)?

I began working in the industry in July of 2010 and after attending the Institute of Chemical Dependency Studies, began practicing as a LCDC-Intern in 2014 while completing the remaining requirements to obtain full licensure as a Chemical Dependency Counselor in October of 2018. This included earning an Associate of Science degree at Ranger College in August of 2018. 


Why do you love working at Dallas Detox Center

I love working at Dallas Detox Center because of the genuine care and compassion shared among team members who are committed to the greatness of each client we serve. DDC allows employees to utilize their individual gifts to best serve clients and recognizes strengths of its employees, using them in a way that we may function as a team at its fullest potential. 

Why do you love working in this industry? I consider working in this industry a blessing as I am constantly reminded of God’s mercy and grace; and I am grateful for the opportunity given to me through employment to love others by challenging, supporting, and encouraging them in their pursuit of freedom and a higher level of wellness.  


What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally? 

LOVE. I am passionate about what I know to be my purpose in this life (professionally and personally) –  to love others. I am passionate about helping others to recover and/discover their true selves and share with others, without fear.