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What is the Difference Between Adderall and Meth?

What is the Difference Between Adderall and Meth?

If you or someone close to you is showing signs of drug abuse, you might wonder about the difference between Adderall and meth, and whether it is time to get help. Knowing the differences between meth vs Adderall can help you understand the addictive qualities of both, and what recovery plan is best. 


What is Adderall?

Firstly, Adderall is an amphetamine. It is a stimulant that is a schedule II controlled substance. Doctors provide prescriptions for Adderall to treat things like ADHD.


What are Methamphetamines?

Methamphetamines, or meth, is a chemical cousin to Adderall. It is also a stimulant drug. It is also a schedule II controlled substance. Methamphetamines are prescribed by doctors to treat things like ADHD.


Methamphetamines are legally prescribed to treat ADHD, while meth is an illegal drug. When given as a prescription, it goes under the name Desoxyn. 


What is the Difference Between Adderall and Meth?

If you have received a prescription to treat ADHD, you might wonder: how close is Adderall to meth? 


When most people think of meth, they think of the illegal drug, dangerous cooking labs, and severe violence. Most people do not think of pills from a doctor for ADHD, yet that’s where most people get their exposure to meth. 


Both Adderall and meth stimulate the brain. Both Adderall and methamphetamines can be used in a completely legal, safe fashion to help manage symptoms of things like ADHD. However, both can also be used illegally in an abusive fashion by people who both have prescriptions and don’t have prescriptions. Adderall, for example, was once the primary prescription drug for children with ADHD but, as of 2021, has been predominantly used by adults.

Ingredients for Meth vs Adderall

When you look at the ingredient list, you will see some of the most significant differences. Legal meth prescribed for ADHD contains methamphetamine as well as things like sodium aminobenzoate and cornstarch. These latter two ingredients are inert; they don’t do anything chemically to your body like a drug; they are simply included to stabilize the prescription in most cases.


If you use street meth or methamphetamine, it might contain many impurities that can harm your body, especially when a dealer takes pure methamphetamine and mixes it with other products in order to get more money.


Adderall contains several amphetamines and dextroamphetamine, such as amphetamine sulfate, dextroamphetamine sulfate, and amphetamine aspartate monohydrate. There are also inert ingredients like saccharin sodium, cornstarch, microcrystalline cellulose, and food coloring.

Chemical Difference Between Adderall and Meth

When you evaluate the difference between Adderall and meth on a chemical level, they are almost the same. Methamphetamine has one additional chemical group to its chemical structure: the methyl group. The methyl group contains three hydrogen atoms and one carbon atom.


Are Amphetamines Addictive?

Whether you are comparing meth vs Adderall, yes, amphetamines are addictive. Because they both stimulate the brain, they can have the same impact on the chemicals in your brain, giving you a high when you use either of them. After experiencing that euphoria, you are full of positive, pleasurable hormones, so you are more likely to use the drugs again and again in order to get that same feeling of euphoria. 


How to Find Treatment for Amphetamine Addiction

When you set out to find treatment for amphetamine addiction, you are doing a very brave and difficult thing. Asking for help is the hardest step. But thankfully, things get easier from there as you are given the education and skills needed to manage your daily struggles and overcome your addiction long-term. 


At Dallas Detox, we are here to help treat co-existing disorders. Co-occurring disorders are two or more disorders that an individual has simultaneously. For many people, this is a mental health condition and drug or alcohol abuse. Suppose you have ADHD and you have developed an addiction to Adderall or methamphetamines prescribed to help treat your condition. In that case, our staff can help you detox through the initial inpatient procedures, after which we can customize a recovery program that gives you the highest chance of managing your symptoms and avoiding a relapse long-term.


Our facility focuses on treating the underlying causes of addiction. If you suffer from ADHD, our staff works with you to provide you with alternative therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. We introduce you to sober activities and coping skills so that you don’t have to rely on drugs long-term to control stress or difficulty focusing on your everyday life.

Reach out today to Dallas Detox to get help with your addiction.

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