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How to Find a Rehab Program Best for Me?

How to Find a Rehab Program Best for Me?

Addiction is treatable, but your chances of success are higher when you find a rehab program designed for your situation. 


How Long Does Rehab Last?

When you find addiction treatment, it’s common to wonder how long the program will last. The length of time for a rehab center is based on the type of treatment you get.


Initial detoxification can last anywhere between a few days and one or two weeks, depending on the severity of your symptoms. After that, assuming you find a rehab program that provides inpatient treatment, your rehab can last anywhere between 1 month and three months. The longer you attend an inpatient treatment service, the more effective your chances of long-term success will be. This is particularly true of situations where you have a dual diagnosis, where you are struggling with substance abuse and a mental health disorder. In these cases, you are tackling two distinct issues simultaneously, which will require extended rehab.


Detoxification Average of 7 days
Inpatient Programs Average of 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days
Aftercare Programs Lifetime


What are the Levels of Rehab Care?

So, what are the levels of rehab care, and how do you find a rehab program that offers the level you need? Different levels of rehab care are easily divided into inpatient vs. outpatient programs. For most people, it is recommended that you transition through an inpatient or residential program, after which you can move into the outpatient program. This helps you undergo the initial detox and rehab treatment in a safe, secure environment where you have supportive staff on hand before you transition back to your everyday routine.

Inpatient rehab

Inpatient care is also referred to as residential care. With inpatient treatment services, you remain at the facility for the duration of your program. In most cases, inpatient care extends to things like an initial detoxification treatment. With detox, you also remain at a rehab facility under medical supervision.

Outpatient rehab

Outpatient programs happen once you have completed detox or your residential, inpatient care. Outpatient rehab can last as long as you need, with ongoing care that includes the same types of individual and group therapies, family therapies, NA or AA meetings, medication management, physical checkups, and whatever else is recommended for your situation. Many people who go to rehab complete an outpatient program that lasts between 1 month and six months. More practical, however, are facilities that offer lifetime aftercare programs. The temptations you might face going back to your daily routine, the stresses on the job, or the triggers in your environment don’t disappear after just a few months. Therefore, the longer you can work with a particular rehab center and undergo ongoing care, the more skills you will acquire and the better prepared you will be to handle such difficulties when they arise.


Ongoing access to things like support groups can help teach you stress management skills or self-care that you didn’t get from a doctor. Continued attendance with NA or AA meetings in your community can help you avoid feelings of isolation and give you emotional support if you relapse or struggle in your recovery.


How to Find a Rehab Program Best for Me?

Facilities like Dallas Detox make it easy to find long-lasting addiction treatment. Less effective treatment or rehab programs focus exclusively on getting you through the physical withdrawal symptoms and detoxification. Still, they don’t continue with ongoing inpatient care, tackle dual diagnoses, let alone lifetime aftercare.


Dallas Detox does. At our treatment facility in Dallas, we focus on getting you through your initial detox and moving on to comprehensive inpatient programs that involve a handful of evidence-based practices like individual psychotherapy, group therapy, as well as complimentary holistic treatment. If you are struggling with coexisting mental health issues and substance abuse, we help you find a rehab program that treats both of those simultaneously so that you are less likely to relapse.


We appreciate that rehab should not be a single event that you complete, with no other support structure in place. Rehab is an ongoing journey, and recovery takes a lifetime. That is why we help you find a rehab program that involves lifetime aftercare. Our facility focuses on giving you support structures, access to support groups, ongoing therapy, and community groups in your area. Once you complete an inpatient program or get help for dual diagnosis treatment, we continue to provide lifetime services so that your treatment can continue as long as you need it.


Let Dallas Detox help you find addiction treatment that works!

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