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What are Examples of Detox Medications?

What are Examples of Detox Medications?

Withdrawal symptoms, whether mild or severe, are an expected part of detoxing for anyone who enters an addiction treatment program. For some, mild withdrawal symptoms occur that are easily managed without significant medical assistance or intervention. However, the withdrawal process can bring about dangerous and even fatal symptoms and complications for others. These more intense withdrawal symptoms can quickly become uncomfortable and unmanageable when detoxing without support, leading to relapse.

This is common when detoxing from specific substances, including alcohol and opioids. For these reasons, detoxing alone may not be safe or beneficial. Medically assisted detox programs aim to support your mental and physical stability while providing emotional and nutritional guidance during the earliest and (typically) most challenging days of treatment.

Can Medication Be Used During Detox?

Detoxing from drugs or alcohol can be complex and, in some cases, difficult to manage. The range of withdrawal symptoms you may experience as you begin to cleanse your system from the remaining effects of drugs and alcohol are challenging to predict. This is because addiction and the process of detoxing from a particular substance is a journey specific to the person. Everyone who begins a detox program in Dallas, TX, will experience symptoms unique to their relationship with substances.

The duration, intensity, and severity of detox symptoms are directly related to the type of substance use, frequency of abuse, the amount used, and the presence of any co-occurring medical or mental health conditions that may worsen withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are your body’s reaction to not having drugs or alcohol in your system. 

Typically, withdrawal symptoms from most substances will peak and begin to subside in three to seven days, although they can persist for up to two weeks in some instances. In a medically assisted detox program, medical professionals may use detox medications to help alleviate the intensity of certain withdrawal symptoms.

What are Examples of Detox Medications?

Depending on your needs and the severity of withdrawal symptoms, your Texas treatment providers at Dallas Detox Center may administer medications during detox. These medications are not suitable in all situations. Still, if deemed beneficial as part of your individualized treatment program, detox medications can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms allowing you to focus on healing from addiction.

There are several different detox medications used in a medical detox program. Some are specific to alcohol use disorders, and others work in different ways depending on the type of drug you are detoxing from. Many people are familiar with well-known detox medications such as buprenorphine, methadone, naltrexone, and suboxone. Buprenorphine, methadone, and suboxone are frequently used in opioid detox programs. Naltrexone is a common medical detox drug used for those detoxing from alcohol or opioids.

In addition to these more familiar detox medications, several others are used in medical detox programs to help manage symptoms and control cravings. Acamprosate is an FDA-approved medication used to help treat alcohol use disorders. Subutex helps with opioid dependence, and Vivitrol may be used to reduce cravings during alcohol and opioid detox.

How to Find a Comprehensive Detox Program in Dallas, TX

A vital part of the detox process involves helping you manage withdrawal symptoms and keeping your system in balance. Sometimes, medications are necessary and highly beneficial elements for achieving this goal. Detox is a complex process that no two people experience equally. Therefore, the medications that work for you might not help someone else. This is why our team at Dallas Detox Center works with each of our patients one-on-one to develop unique, individualized treatment plans that focus on the person, not the addiction.

Detox is only the first step in treatment for those trying to overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. It is also the most important and likely the most challenging step you will make as you pursue sobriety and recovery. Detox helps to clear the mind and body from the immediate effects of drugs and alcohol so you can successfully pursue and complete treatment to overcome addiction. 
Don’t wait to seek treatment if you or someone you know suffers from addiction symptoms. The longer addiction keeps its hold on your physical and emotional health, the more complex and potentially dangerous detox can be. Contact us at Dallas Detox Center to learn more about our luxury detox programs in Texas.

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