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How to Find Medically-Assisted Detox Near Me

How to Find Medically-Assisted Detox Near Me

When you or a loved one suffers from the physical and emotional challenges of chronic drug or alcohol addiction, the first step in achieving lasting sobriety is usually to choose a treatment program. The first days of rehab involve detox for most who begin drug or alcohol addiction treatment. If searching for medical detox “near me,” you have likely recognized a need for treatment.

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What is Medically-Assisted Detox?

The process of medical detox or medically assisted detox helps you achieve a fresh start, free from the effects of toxic substances. During detox, you have the opportunity to cleanse your brain and body of any remaining substances with help and support. Throughout medically assisted detox, you have the guidance of a team of trained medical and mental health professionals available to manage any acute or challenging withdrawal symptoms, allowing you to place your complete focus on healing.

It is important to remember detox itself is not a substitute for comprehensive substance addiction treatment. Instead, it is the vital first step you must take to successfully get sober. The medically assisted detox process generally has three steps or stages: evaluation, stabilization, and preparation to transition to a formal treatment program. During a substance abuse treatment program, you will learn more about addiction, how it develops and how to manage triggering situations or circumstances that may lead you back to substance use in bye future.

If you are ready to quit drugs or alcohol, it is also necessary to understand the difference between medically assisted detox and MAT or medically assisted treatment. Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably, but they do have notable differences. Medical detox and MAT differ based on when they are used in the treatment process and the purpose they serve as part of your treatment plan.

Medically assisted detox is used at the very beginning of your treatment journey. It is designed to help you:

  • Clear remaining from your brain and body
  • Restore your body to its natural state
  • Prepare your mind for a treatment program

MAT, on the other hand, is provided during your addiction treatment program. MAT, or medically assisted treatment, is designed to help you as you recover by:

  • Blocking the euphoric effects of alcohol or opioid drugs
  • Controlling cravings and urges for substances
  • Acting as a supportive treatment alongside counseling and behavioral therapies

What are the Benefits of Medically-Assisted Detox?

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol involves deciding that it is time to stop using substances. During detox, your body must learn how to carry out day-to-day functions without the drugs or alcohol in your body. For many, detoxing can be scary, unpleasant, and sometimes dangerous due to the unpredictability of withdrawal symptoms ranging from mild to severe.

You can focus on healing during medical detox, knowing you will receive around-the-clock monitoring and support from caring, experienced medical professionals. Not only are your vital signs monitored, but trained medical staff is standing by to administer safe medications to ease withdrawal symptoms or intervene in a medical emergency such as a heart attack or seizure. These medications are considered safe and are chosen and administered according to factors unique to your treatment needs, including length of abuse, type of drug abused, and other essential factors that influence treatment.

In almost every case, detoxing the body from drugs and alcohol will result in intensely uncomfortable symptoms, including tremors, fevers, and vomiting. It is not abnormal for these symptoms to be medically life-threatening (such as seizures, heart attacks, and strokes). A medically-assisted detox program ensures you have the appropriate level of medical and mental health support to manage your symptoms.

How to Find Medically-Assisted Detox Near Me

Medically supervised detox programs offer the best and most successful path to achieving lasting sobriety. In a medically supervised detox program “near me,” your journey to sobriety will be more comfortable with a greater opportunity for success. A Texas inpatient program like ours at Dallas Detox combines the benefits of medically assisted detox with comprehensive therapy and relapse prevention education to ensure you can begin your recovery with the support needed to achieve success. To learn more about our programs and how medically assisted detox in Dallas can help you, contact us at Dallas Detox Center today for more information.

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